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    1. Agricultural Intelligence in your hands

      Trimble Agriculture’s innovative, user-friendly precision ag technology helps farmers achieve practical changes to maximize profitability across the entire farm operation.

      Find Your Ideal Solution

      As farmers well know, no two fields are alike. In fact, no two zones in a field are alike. Productivity ebbs and flows due to changes in soil type, pH levels, topography and more. By improving your overall efficiency, the effects of precision ag move beyond your field work — less time in the cab, greater savings on inputs, and a more productive farming operation.

      Find Your Ideal Solution

      New to precision ag?

      Trimble Agriculture’s Ultimate Guide to Precision Ag has you covered. This FREE ebook provides everything you need to know to get started with precision ag, from understanding the technology to all the ways you and your farm will benefit.

      Already an expert? Discover our top tips on how to take your farming operation to the next level.

      Download Our Ultimate Guide To Precision Ag Ebook Now!

      Connect Your Farm | Guidance & Steering

      Trimble Agriculture’s family of Android displays helps farmers complete field applications quickly and efficiently while also mapping and monitoring field information in real time with the utmost accuracy.

      Connect Your Farm | Data Management

      Trimble Agriculture’s Farmer Core software complements existing Trimble solutions to help farmers easily manage precision ag data. Simplify your display setup with Farmer Core to capture the most value from every piece of land. Trimble software helps farmers plan their crops, execute farm work, track what happens in the field, and maintain a reliable record of the entire crop year.

      Trimble software helps farmers plan their crops, execute farm work, track what happens in the field, and maintain a reliable record of the entire crop year.

      FAST App

      Curious about the precision ag product combination that’s perfect for you? Find your ideal setup by answering 10 questions about your farming needs. Each question will help the system recommend the best solution for you.

      Try FAST Now

      Find a Reseller

      Interested in learning more about specific products that can benefit your operation? Click the button below to find a reseller near you.

      Reseller Locator

      Let’s Get Started

      Embrace the power of proven precision agriculture technologies from Trimble to enhance your planting and seeding operations, while increasing your productivity and profitability by saving on wasted inputs.

      Where to Buy
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